Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I've been tagged - the Oddest Thing in My Office!

My good friend, The Lutheran Logomaniac has tagged me to admit to the oddest thing in my office.

Ok, first of all, calling it my "office" really overstates the reality. It's a "cubicle!" Yes, I toil in the land of interconnected boxes. In the world of insurance. Therefore, I fear I will not live up to the oddness of hubcaps.

There are three choices, and I'll let readers of this blog cast votes in the comment section. (Sorry it won't be an official high tech poll, but I'm not that much of a blog guru!)

1. My knitting calendar picture for this month, which plainly shows 2 knitting needles producing crochet fabric. (Probable favorite for my fiber nut friends.)

2. A package of balloons. (Hey, you never know....)

3. An icon of a Phalanx of Angels. (What is common art for a pastor's office is considered odd in an insurance office! I'm sure my co-workers would vote for this one!!)

So, what say you?

I'm going to tag Not Worthy and The Rebellious Pastor's Wife and Steven S. Billings!

1 comment:

Rebellious Pastor's Wife said...

Okay, you clearly did NOT say that the knitting calendar had knitting needles producing CROCHET fabric...that is truly bizarre.

No, my vote is still for the icon, though.......