Thursday, July 13, 2006

I just have to ask.....

Yesterday, one of my co-workers hosted an informal IM poll. I was shocked by the results - I could not believe that more than 50% of the respondants were so completely wrong. I blame the small sample size. (13 people responded.)

I asked the Lutheran Logomaniac to choose between the two options, and he chose a third option that I hadn't even considered. ^shaking head^

So, I'm hoping for a larger sample.......

The original poll question was: Which is creepier, Ronald McDonald or The Burger King?

My poll is here - please help spread the word and get the sample size up!!

Which character is the creepiest:
Ronald McDonald
The Burger King

Count my Burger King vote twice because the commercial where he shows up in the guy's bed gives me the willies.
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