Thursday, February 16, 2006

Catchers & Pitchers Report!! It's Spring!!

Look,'s a picture of Cardinal's Ace Chris Carpenter....see? see what he's doing??


I have to confess that I've pretty much taken the winter trading season off. There has just been too much other stuff going on for me to track trades and signings and all. I've had several friends ask me what I thought about the Cardinal's moves, and my answer has had to be: Quite honestly, I can't even tell you what moves we made!" The only thing that really stood out to me was losing Matt Morris on the free trade market.

I can't tell you where he went - I do wish him well, and I remember some regret when I heard he had moved on. He did a great job for us, and I'm not sure I've seen a pitcher of his caliber on our roster to replace him. My one concern was always that he could be erratic in his performance - and when he wasn't on, he could give up more home runs than you could shake a stick at!!

Anyway, time to dig into that depth chart and looking ahead.....

Play ball!!

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