Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Just another item on the list of reasons that I should never be White House Press Secretary

Imagine, if you will, being a guy on a hunting trip. Hangin’ out, shooting stuff, cracking jokes, having a good time. Hey, look, there’s one…you track it…and bang!

One of your friends drops to the ground – you didn’t even know he was standing there – you shot him.

What is going through your mind? Horror, fear, concern…”Is he all right? Please, please, please let him be all right. Get help…Someone help….”

Now, sometime further in to it all, once you start to know that he’s probably going to be okay, other things start to hit you. Among them is the realization that this will probably be one of the most embarrassing things you have ever done.

(I can say for sure that if this happened on one of my brothers' hunting trips…they would NEVER let him live it down. EVER. They’d be sitting around the nursing home in 50 years saying, “Hey, wanna go hunting?? Oh wait, you couldn’t shoot straight when you could still SEE!!”)

All of this would be bad enough for a private citizen. You have to answer police questions, face the guy’s family, your own family. And the guy in intensive care. Let’s not forget him.

Now add the fact that you are the Vice-President of the United States. This is also going to be embarrassing not just for you, but also for your President, your country and your political party. And the media is generally hostile to your President, your political party and sometimes even your country, so you just know they’re going have a field day with this.

So seriously, it would be a bad thing for me to be White House Press Secretary on the day that the media insisted on knowing why they hadn’t been given this information sooner.

DUH. Because we thought you might over-react and think that the Situation Room should have been tracking the VP’s hunting trip…..

Just sayin’

**Also want to note that once again, the only law broken in this story was lack of proper documentation. He didn’t have the correct stamp for the bird he was shooting. Or maybe he didn’t have the correct stamp for they guy he shot. Could go either way. It’s all about the paperwork….**

2 days, 48 minutes until Pitchers and Catchers report....

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