Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rainy Monday, Part 1

It rained Monday - which is a good thing. We really needed the rain. I was happy about it even!

And I was also quite happy with the fact that the "low tired pressure" warning light in my car performed correctly. I did drive the last bit to the bank before checking it tho - I only had 10 minutes to get that deposit in. But when I got out of the car, I did check and notice that my back tire was "round except for on the bottom," as my brother likes to say. (And when my dad asked me what size my tires are, I gave him my standard answer. "Dad, they're round. Well, 3 of them are. And black. That's all the detail I know about my tires.")

I was most happy about the fact that this brother offered to come and change the flat for me when I called and asked him if he was still in town.

However, that donut spare is one sorry looking sight. I'll be getting that fixed ASAP.

Stayed tuned for more of my Rainy Monday Saga.

1 comment:

Marie N. said...

I'm glad you had help. Giving up a vehicle for maintenance or repairs is the hardest part around here.